Best Antivirus for Firestick – Protect Your Amazon Firestick

Here we will talk about some best antivirus for firesticks to protect your firestick from hackers, malware, virus, or crypto-miner! We know you love your amazon firestick as you can carry your favorite shows anywhere you go with this fantastic device. But, what if we say the firestick you are using can contain malware or viruses with potential threats?

Many of you may not hear about it before, but it happens. Hackers can use your firestick as a form of crypto mine. If your firestick is affected, it will harm your device and send cryptocurrency to hackers. Moreover, you can face many other problems. So, the best antivirus for firesticks is a necessity these days.



5 Best Antivirus for Firestick

To protect your firestick from malware, you will need an antivirus. Antivirus will find the potential threats from your firestick device and automatically remove those to save your information and device from hackers. Here are some of the best antivirus for firestick:

1. McAfee

McAfee is a well-renowned antivirus working in the industry with a high reputation. It provides the reliable security using the latest technologies. The antivirus brings different packages to satisfy users from every corner.

Mcafee delivers excellent phishing protection. Hackers often use phishing websites to take your login credentials and use them for their benefit. To hijack your confidential information, phishing websites are widely used among the hacker community.

Ransomware is another significant threat on the internet. If you are infected with ransomware, there is no way to get back the files that are being hacked. That’s why Mcafee antivirus comes with a ransom guard. Mcafee always updates its database to find new types of ransomware and protect your documents and other vital files from online hijackers.

Mcafee’s firewall protection is also very versatile. The Mcafee firewall will put every potential threat away from the firestick device you are using. Lastly, the Mcafee antivirus for firestick comes with a crypto jacker. With this feature, hackers won’t be able to use your machine to collect cryptocurrency.

Key features

  • Ransomware blocker
  • Crypto Jacker
  • Detects phishing websites
  • Robust firewall
  • Massive database to identify the latest virus

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2. Malwarebytes

[appbox googleplay org.malwarebytes.antimalware]

If you are a PC user and infected by viruses at any point, you may have heard about this antivirus. This antivirus not only protects you from a virus but also cleans the device effortlessly as no other antivirus does.

Malwarebytes antivirus protects your privacy online. With this app, you can scan and delete malware & viruses. Besides, the software aggressively detects unwanted programs that are potentially harmful to your device. If you think your firestick is being compromised, we suggest you run a security scan with Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes also comes with anti-phishing technology to protect you from phishing scams. Phishing is the tool hackers use to steal your username and password when you try to log in using the fake website link that they provide you.

Ransomware is another virus you should be aware of, and this app comes with ransomware detection technology. If you have Malwarebyte in your device, no hacker can hijack your essential documents using ransomware.

 One of the most critical features that Malwarebyte has is adware prevention. Adware slows down your device and takes control of the operating system to display ads. Malwarebytes detects those adware and blocks them from your firestick.

Key features

  • Manual ar real-time virus scan
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Adware prevention
  • Anti-spyware

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3. Webroot

You may not have heard about this antivirus as it is not that popular like Mcafee, but it is an excellent antivirus for firestick. It comes with a heuristic analysis feature. This feature can read the code of suspicious programs and identify them before they can do any harm to your device.

Anti-phishing technology is a crucial feature for every antivirus software. Webroot also brings a secure anti-phishing technology to save your login credentials from being hacked. Webroot will detect any other website’s clone website and restrict them to provoke you to enter there with your sophisticated information. Moreover, this technology will also prevent the operating system from auto-starting any phishing websites automatically.

To enhance your device’s defense mechanism, it will introduce a robust firewall so that no unauthorized program can enter your system. At last, it will add privacy shield protection to protect your information from hackers. All the features will protect your firestick, and no virus or malware will be able to enter.

Key features

  • Anti-phishing technology
  • Infrared defense system
  • Identity and privacy shield
  • Heuristic analysis feature
  • Robust firewall

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4. Kaspersky

[appbox googleplay]

Kaspersky is another best antivirus for firesticks. Kaspersky is the antivirus industry’s market leader, and you can keep faith in their service without any doubt in your mind. The Russian antivirus giant has the largest database in the world to detect the latest virus and protect your firestick from being harmed.

You will get real-time protection, needless to worry about virus threats. Moreover, Kaspersky comes with robust anti-phishing technology to protect you from scammers.

For better protection, Kaspersky comes with a data protector feature. If you put your firestick in a compromised network, Kaspersky will detect the threat and won’t let your firestick connect to the network.

Kaspersky prevents data collection websites from tracking you. Moreover, the software comes with an ad-blocking feature. You can purchase Kaspersky in various packages and use them on other devices as well as with your firestick.

Key features

  • Network tracking technology
  • Protects from data collection websites
  • Ad Blocker
  • Protects from online transaction scam
  • Password manager

5. Bitdefender

[appbox googleplay]

Another best antivirus for firestick is the Bitdefender antivirus. Bitdefender uses artificial intelligence technology to provide the best security from hackers. You will get over the top safety with a security protocol that is virtually impossible to hack.

This antivirus uses revolutionary technology to detect even the newest threat and protect your firestick from unauthorized applications.

You will get real-time protection with this antivirus to secure your device 24-hour a day. Like other top antiviruses in the market, Bitdefender also comes with anti-shipping technology. The potent anti-phishing technology will prevent you from putting your login credentials on a duplicate website. It will also prevent the system from opening any phishing websites you are not aware of.

To add an extra layer of security, it provides an anti-ransomware feature. Ransomware is a kind of malware that will hijack all the documents from your device and demand money to unlock them. Needless to say, you are never going to get back those files.

Moreover, the antivirus comes with a network threat blocking feature. This network blocking feature will prevent your antivirus from connecting to a compromised network.

Key features

  • Anti-phishing technology
  • Network theft protection
  • Ransomware detection feature
  • AI technology to prevent the latest virus
  • Robust firewall

Editors Opinion

Though all of the antivirus we suggested will protect your firestick from viruses, we want to give our input here.

First of all, how do you know your firestick has a virus? There is no universal way of detecting viruses without antivirus software. But, you can understand that by observing some symptoms. If you notice your firestick is acting slow and the slowness is increasing day by day, then probably you have a virus there. Another sign is if the app crashes frequently. Look for an unauthorized app to be sure about that.

In this case, where your firestick is already infected, you should use Malwarebytes as that antivirus will quickly detect all the malware in your firestick and block them.

For prevention measures, we will recommend Mcafee as it comes with firestick-specific features. Mcafee also comes with various packages, and you can purchase any package and use them on all of your devices.


The virus not only slows down your device it also steals your valuable information. Some viruses harm your device so severely that you can not use them. So, it is better to take prevention before getting infected. We have covered the best antivirus for firestick so that you can pick one that suits you most. We hope the article helped you. See you in another review.

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