Download Appvn For iOS (Mac, iPad & iPhone)

If you are using an iPhone, you only can install apps from the Apple AppStore. You cannot install the app using any other AppStore. This is a clear monopoly, and if you want to break it and install apps using another platform, Appvn For iOS is an excellent choice for you.

But as Apple does not permit you to install an app via a third-party AppStore, they made this process a little bit tricky. In this article, ‘Appvn for iOS,’ we will tell you how to install Appvn on your iOS device and install apps.

Appvn For iOS


Basic App Information of Appvn AppStore

  • Developers: Appvn
  • Available Platforms: Third-Party app for iOS and Android
  • App Size: 12.4 MB
  • Minimum Requirement: iOS version 7.0.

The Good: Most apps and games are free to use with some paid apps. Appvn comes with a vast collection of free ebooks and television apps. If you are a fancy person, you will get lots of themes, wallpaper, and ringtones-related apps. The language is English, so you don’t have to think about the language barrier.

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Another essential feature is the app share option. You can share your favorite apps with your friends or family easily on Appvn. Moreover, the download speed is excellent, and you can download your favorite app as fast as you download it from Appstore.

The Bad: The user interface does not come with a modern new-looking interface but is easy to use. You won’t get any memory cleaner or file manager in Appvn. Some adult ads can annoy some users. We will suggest removing the redirection ad from the platform also.

Important Features of Appvn For iOS

Appvn For iOS

User-Friendly Interface:

UI is the most critical factor when you are using an AppStore to download apps. Appvn comes with an excellent UI. The UI is not that stylish but informative. You can search any apps using the search bar.

You will see the most popular apps. You can find apps by categories also. One thing we will complain about is the redirecting ad. This isn’t very pleasant when you are browsing apps.

Huge Collection of Apps:

Appvn does not provide a free app only. You will find many paid apps, cracked apps for free in the Appvn AppStore. You can play paid games for free or use a paid tool without paying.

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Moreover, you will find many ebook and TV apps that are not available on any other AppStore. Besides, you will get many hacked games here and play those for free. The accessible app collections are enormous, and you can not find those types of apps for free on any other platform.


You can use Appvn on both Android, iOS devices. If you want to install the app on your PC, you can also use an android emulator. Appvn runs on older versions of iOS and Android O/S. The size of the app is just 12 MB and very easy to install on any device.

Safe and Secured:

Using a third-party app is a risky thing to do. Nobody will take responsibility if you face any trouble using this app. There is no authority to complain when using a third-party AppStore. But with Appvn, you don’t have to think about security.

Many websites declared Appvn as a safe third-party AppStore. Their website is not marked as a risky website. We did not get many complaints from both Android and iOS users who use Appvn AppStore.

How to install Appvn For iOS

You can install Appvn on both jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions of iOS. You can Download Appvn multi-platform App Store on your iPhone, iPad.

In the past, you had to jailbreak your iPhone to install Appvn on it. But with the latest version, you don’t have to Jailbreak your iPhone. So, you can just visit their page and install Appvn on your iOS device.

Install Appvn Without Jailbreak:

  • Step 1-  Launch the Safari browser and search Appvn. You also can use this link to download the app on your iOS device.
  • Step 2- You will find two download options, for iOS and Web.
  • Step 3- Click on the iOS download button.
  • Step 4 – You will get a pop-up notification to select one between jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions.
  • Step 5 – As we are going to install the non-jailbreak version so you should select that one.
  • Step 5 – Now click on the install button.
  • Step 6 – After the installation process is finished, click on the done button.
  • Step 7 – Now go to Settings –> General Settings –> Profile and Device Management.
  • Step 8-  Tap on the developer of the Appvn app.
  • Step 9 – Select the Trust option.
  • Step 10 – Use Appvn

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Install Appvn With Jailbreak:

The process is precisely the same. Just download the jailbreak version.

Alternatives of Appvn

If you can not download and install Appvn or simply don’t like the App Store, we have some alternatives for you. Here are some alternatives to Appvn.

  • Nine apps
  • Tutu app
  • GetAPK Market
  • Aptoide
  • Apkmirror

Frequently Asked Questions About Appvn For iOS

FAQ About Appvn For iOS

Is it safe to Use Appvn?

Many websites declared the Appvn AppStore as a safe place to download apps. We did not hear many complaints about security issues using Appvn also. When you are using a crack app, that can harm you as they take some sensitive data.

Do I Need To Pay For Premium Apps From Appvn?

No, you can use premium apps from Appvn without paying.

Is It Safe To Download Modded Apk From The Appvn?

Appvn provides modded apps on their platform. But modded apps are not safe to use. So, we do not recommend using a modded app.

Is it legal to download a cracked app from Appvn?

No, the cracked app is not legal. So, use a crack app at your own risk. We recommend using a VPN to hide your identity when using a crack app.

Appvn is an excellent option if you don’t want yourself limited to the Apple AppStore’s provided apps. Installing the Appvn on an iOS device is not that tricky. Moreover, you don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device to install  Appvn. We hope the article on appvn for iOS will help you if you have any confusion earlier.

Our Score

★★★★★ (10/10)
As it is easy to set up
★★★★☆ (8/10)
The UI is beneficial and easy to use
★★★★★ (10/10)
Comes with lots of features
★★★★☆ (9/10)
Very good

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