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CamScanner is a renowned application for scanning and sharing documents. The app lets you scan, store & sync images across multiple devices including phones, tablets, iPads, and computers. CamScanner is incredibly popular with more than 100 million downloads across the globe.

To run CamScanner for PC, you will need Windows 10 version 14316.0 or higher and x64 architecture. As this is an android application, you will need to use an android emulator. There is no official version for PC available right now. The program has been developed by INTSIG Information Co., Ltd.


Important Features of The CamScanner For PC

CamScanner for PC

Like any app on the market, CamScanner has a few unique features that set it apart. Listed below are some of the revolutionary features included in the app –

Supported Documents:

A strong point of CamScanner for PC is that the app lets you scan a wide variety of documents for different purposes. It scans invoices, bills, business cards, etc. to support your daily activities. Additionally, CamScanner supports scanning images of whiteboards & blackboards, PPT files, letters, books, and so on to help you store any sort of written information digitally. Credentials, Certificates, ID cards are also supported by CamScanner for verification purposes.

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Scanning Features:

CamScanner for PC provides a smooth scanning experience via auto-detecting and cropping scanned images. The app allows you to quickly convert the scanned images into JPEG & PDF formats. And if you’re scanning multiple pages, CamScanner for PC comes with a batch scan feature. The app’s effectiveness in extracting text from images sets it apart from other scanning applications in the market.

Document Management:

You can easily navigate through scanned documents by searching for keywords or through tags and notes. CamScanner also allows to merge documents, extract text from images and generate .txt files, store documents in third-party cloud storage services, and many more.

How to Install CamScanner For PC

[appbox googleplay com.intsig.camscanner]

As mentioned previously, there is currently no official version of CamScanner for PC. You will need to download an android emulator which is third-party software that lets you run android apps on your computer.

There are plenty of options for android emulators out there. However, we would recommend NoxPlayer as the emulator to run the CamScanner app on your PC. NoxPlayer works on Windows as well as macOS and has been proven to run android apps smoothly on both operating systems.

To install CamScanner for PC, follow the step by steps instructions here-

  • Step-1: Install NoxPlayer here.
  • Step-2: Go to Google Play Store.
  • Step-3: Search for “CamScanner”.
  • Step-4: Go to the CamScanner page, click “Install”.
  • Step-5: Accept the installation when prompted.
  • Step-6: Once the installation is complete, the CamScanner icon will appear on your NoxPlayer interface.

Enjoy using CamScanner!

How to Use CamScanner For PC

To scan a document using CamScanner for PC, open the CamScanner app on your NoxPlayer. Click on the camera icon at the side to create a new document. This will open up your camera. Place the document you want to scan in front of your webcam in good lighting, preferably in natural light. Then, take the picture. If you want to scan multiple pages, simply place the next page in front of the webcam and take another picture.

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When you are done, click the “Done” button on your CamScanner app. The app will display the pictures you have taken and auto-cropped them. Check the pages carefully. You might need to edit some of the pictures by changing how the image was cropped or rotating it. Click on the page you want to edit and then hit “Edit”. Make the necessary adjustments and then click on done.

Then if all is good, click on the “Save” icon. You have the option to save it as either a JPEG file or PDF. It is recommended to save in PDF as this will put all the pages in a single PDF file, making it easy to read. CamScanner comes with multiple saving options. Perhaps, the handiest of them is “Saving to Email”, where you can directly email the scanned image file right from your CamScanner app.

Popular Alternatives Of CamScanner App

There are a few alternative scanning apps to CamScanner. Pocket Scanner is an ideal alternative with similar features. Office Lens is another application that provides a scanning service, although the text from image extraction is not as efficient as CamScanner. Open Note Scanner is ideal for scanning handwritten notes. Adobe Scanner is another alternative with all-around features.

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Frequently Asked Questions About CamScanner For PC

How do I change the file type of a saved document?

Go to the main page of CamScanner and click on scanned documents. At the top, you will see a PDF button and a JPEG button. Clicking PDF will generate a PDF file while clicking on JPEG will generate a JPEG file.

What permissions does the app require?

For PC, the app requires permission for your camera application and gallery.

I have deleted a file on my CamScanner app by mistake. How do I retrieve it?

You will need to sync your files to the Cloud to have the option to retrieve deleted documents. You can retrieve the file from Recycle Bin at Files stay in the bin for 7 days for Basic users and 30 days for Premium users.


CamScanner for PC is an extremely useful app to have on your computer. If you’re working in an office, CamScanner will allow you to quickly and efficiently take care of tasks such as scanning and saving meeting minutes, contracts, business cards, managing documents, adding electronic signatures, and so on. If you’re a student, CamScanner is the best app on the market to scan your homework and electronically send it to your teacher.

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