Geeni App for PC (Windows, Mac) & Android App

Like a Genie from Arabian Nights, The Geeni can control your fans, lights, TV, refrigerator and other devices from your smartphone or PC?

The Geeni App For PC is a multidimensional app that allows users to easily control as well as toggle all of their geeni smart home devices and appliances, and users can take control of everything with their smartphone. 

Through this article, with the help of bluestacks or the nox player emulator, I will give ideas to you how to control and toggle everything with your PC or even your laptop, thus making this app a go to app for the users!

Geeni App for PC
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This app’s capabilities are so many that it’s difficult to list them all. In only this one app, you’ll be able to control anything that runs in your home with a single touch of a button. It’s still very convenient to use, and the features are undoubtedly impressive. This is a revolutionary app that the youth clearly need in a large number of ways.

The functions and features of the Geeni app for pc:

Before downloading this magical app, I know that my readers are eager to know the functions as well as facilities of using the Geeni app. 

It Offers Easy Connectivity

The control is incredibly simple because it operates over the phone, and the app as well as the devices are paired easily without spending any of the time.

It’s Very Fast and Easy to Use

The Geeni app For PC is a genuinely remarkable program. It is packed with various features, and the best part is that it is very simple and easy to use, making it much clearer and easier for the user to comprehend and manage.

Controlo Your smart home by feeni app
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Controlo Your smart home by feeni app

Cloud-Based Services

All we see here on this app is cloud-based, which ensures that everything happens over the internet and consumers don’t have to worry about missing any data or information.

The App is Also Completely Free

Another fantastic feature of this product is that it is completely free. It is a very vibrant app that comes to you for free, and you do not have to spend a single penny to use it. All you need is a geeni smart home computer, which is completely complimentary for it.

With Only One Program You Can Use Different Devices

Another fantastic feature of this software is that it allows users to use different gadgets at their home and have complete control over them.

Quite Aesthetic and Gradient

This app’s look, feel, and style are all very good and give it a seamless appearance.

Let’s check the features of the Geeni app in a pointed way

User Rating ★★★★☆ (3.8/5)
Installation Number1 million+
Current Version1.7.1
App Size51 mb
Latest UpdateJune 19, 2020

So dear reader, are you feeling excited to download the Geeni app for your PC? Just do one more thing to get this wonderful app for your PC. You have to download an android emulator!

But if you don’t know what android emulator is, here is a little introduction for you about an android emulator:

An android emulator is a program that allows you to download an Android app or game to your PC. You can download some of the several Android emulators that are available on the internet. This software cannot be used on a PC without the use of an Android emulator. Some of the most common android emulators include Bluestacks, YouWave, Nox Player, and Remix OS Player.

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Developer: Merkury Innovations
Price: Free
  • Geeni Screenshot
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  • Geeni Screenshot
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  • Geeni Screenshot
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  • Geeni Screenshot
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  • Geeni Screenshot
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  • Geeni Screenshot
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  • Geeni Screenshot
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Now here comes the moment, where you will come to know about the process of downloading the Geeni app for PC:

  • The first step in installing this app onto your device should be to install an android emulator.
  • You have to install it on your PC until the downloading phase is completed.
  • It’s now time to start up the android emulator on your computer.
  • Then you have to download the Geeni app from Google play store.
  • After downloading the Geeni app, install it on your PC.
  • Now go to the emulator’s home screen and start the Geeni app to use for toggling your devices from your PC!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Geeni

How do I get the Geeni app on my PC?

An emulator is required to install this software on your computer. Install the simulator on your computer first, and then this app on the emulator. Such as Bluestacks, Noxplayer etc. are android emulators.

How does the Geeni app work with devices?

Geeni App for PC is a handy app that allows you to access all of your Geeni smart home gadgets. This software will assist you with using and combining the versatility of an on/off turn. This software has both simple and strong commands. In this app, you can also customize the colour and mood of the Color bulbs. You’ll even find a completely dim lamp here. 

It also allows Amazon Echo, which is one of its extra features.

What are Geeni smart scenes?

You can set the lights to flash in all colors automatically with these smart scenes. All of this can be found in the Geeni app for PC.

Is it possible to use the Geeni app for PC without access to the internet?

No, Geeni would not function and, in order to be used remotely, Geeni products must be attached to Wi-Fi.

Who is the owner of Geeni?

Merkury Innovations is a company that specializes in developing new products. Merkury Innovations, Geeni’s parent company, has been following the developments in electronic accessories and technology for nearly 20 years, holding us ahead of the curve and supplying you with affordable goods without sacrificing taste and style.

The Geeni App for PC is a brilliant concept in and of itself; this app is a good app, and getting it on your phone is rather enjoyable and convenient to use; however, if you are a busy professional who would access your smart home devices and other information on a regular basis from your PC, this program can ensure that you have complete access to your smart home devices and other information at all times, making it a quite simple and easy option.

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