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IP Pro for PC

IP pro for pc is a surveillance application specially designed for smartphones. It controls a digital Video camera and transmits data through an IP network.

Technology is getting updated every day so are the applications. Developers are simultaneously trying to make every impossible turn possible. IP pro is a kind of application that is not like other analog CCTV cameras. Users can now monitor the CCTV surveillance from their mobile.

IP pro is not only available for android smartphones/iOS, but also for PC/macOS (Cloud Platform). It is developed by Wu peilin.


Name: IP Pro(VR Cam, EseeCloud)


Offer Price: Free

Available Platforms: Android and iOS. Cloud platform for Windows and Macos

App Size: Variable as per device

Ip pro for pc

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As it’s accessed over the network & doesn’t require any local monitoring device, it’s easier to view.Sometimes IP Pro apps can crash on your iPhone since the iPhone keeps on crashing,PC is no exception in that case!

Key Features of IP Pro For PC

It is a video surveillance application designed mainly for smartphones but can be used on PC too. It transmits videos of real-time from the IP camera to the designated device. It has one of the best amazing features that it requires no separate monitoring place or recording PC. You can see everything on your PC.

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It works through the internet. So it can show you more specific details of CCTV. It is unlike analog CCTV. As it requires no local recording device, only a local network, it’s very easy in this way.

Though most of the IP cameras are Webcams they can be easily accessed over a network connection. IP pro for pc lets you watch real-time live videos. Not only that you can also store some videos on your device or PC. It supports multiple functions!

How to Install IP Pro For PC

As said earlier the IP Pro app is both available for android and PC, so it can be installed on PC too. Here are the following steps to install IP Pro For PC:

  • Step 1: To use this app on your PC at first you have to download an emulator.You can use Nox player as an emulator.Download the emulator on your PC & install it. After Installing run it on your PC.
  • Step 2: After installing the emulator, it will allow you to enter Google Play Account. Once you enter it, give all the details and open the Play store.
  • Step 3: Open Google Play store & search IP Pro CCTV app on the search bar. Then download it on your PC.
  • Step 4: Launch the app & start using it!

[appbox googleplay com.specialyg.ippro]

How to Use IP Pro For Pc

The procedure of using this app is very simple. This is why it makes the app more suitable for all human beings & animals. At first, you have to register yourself to use the app as a registered user.

Next, after becoming a registered user you have to go to the “My Device tab” & select the plus icon. Here you have to add the details of CCTV cameras you want to carry surveillance on. The information is mostly about the IP camera’s address, Port number, and device number.

Finally, You can see some real live videos & this is how you are done with the setup & can easily view it on your PC. Using it is very easy.

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Caution: This app will be used over an internet connection in that case extra measure is needed because the IP address might get hacked. So this is a matter of privacy concern. Other than this, this app might crash on a PC. As PC keeps on getting crashed quite often! If you want to use it on your device make sure to use it after android version 5.0.

Ip pro for pc

Alternatives of IP Pro App

There are some alternatives to IP Pro For PC app. These are- IP Cam Controller, EseeCloud, CORSET. These are alike IP PRO App.

1. IP Cam Controller

It allows you a simple way to control Your IP camera from your device. It has an overlay function that allows you to view the camera while using other apps.

2. EseeCloud

It’s user-friendly, simple, and powerful video software surveillance. This app also supports android version 5.0 like the IP pro app.


It’s a remote view for 24 hours on your device. This is just like the IP pro app. With concise & fashion GUI it supports multiple functions as well as the real-time view. It has QR scan, PTZ control & Video capture.

So these are some alternatives to the IP Pro App. Users can easily get these on their smartphones as well as on their PCs.

FAQ’s About IP Pro For PC

Is IP Pro App free?

Yes, it’s totally free!

What to do if my IP Pro app fails to connect?

Sometimes you may notice your IP Pro app is not getting connected even when there are Wifi or internet connections. In that case, we don’t need to worry much. You have to just call support & then you will get the help easily. It is one of the good things about this app that you always have a support line to get any type of help!

Can IP Pro apps work without an internet connection?

No, as it works over an internet connection, you can’t get it worked without an internet connection. But sometimes an IP camera works fine without any internet connections. In that case, you just need a monitor, a mouse, and an operating system.

IP Pro app gives a better view on a larger screen. So you can use this app for your PC & then get to see a real-time video with better resolution. But to use it on your PC you have to use an emulator only. This is that simple!

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