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Line is a freeware communication app. It is one the fastest growing messenger app in the world. Like, Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Line provides instant communication facility. This app not only can be used on android mobile devices but also can be used on PC and Mac. It has multi functioning systems like texting, sharing images, multimedia files, both audio and video calling, VOIP conversations and video conferences.

Line App For PC
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Although Line was originally introduced for android & ios mobile users only but later on it expanded. Now it exists for laptop and desktop version for the users of Microsoft windows & macOS.

Line is  owned by Naver, a korean internet company that started its service following the devastated earthquake 2011 & tsunami in Japan. But its initial release was in 2011 as NAVER Talk.

Operating SystemAndroid/ios/windows/macOS
Application CategoryCommunication
App SizeAndroid: 139.82 MB
iOS: 272.2 MB
Windows: 224.19 MB
MacOS: 100.7 MB

The Good

Line is very good for fast chatting or  group call as it’s totally free. Users can get variety of stickers & emoticons. It has a good interface which is one of the good things about it. This app also serves multiple services like Line wallet through which digital transaction can be done. Not Only this, it has wide range of entertainment categories which are fun to explore!

The  Bad

Though Line is totally free for messaging & calling but it is more popular in Japan & some parts of South Asia. So the number of users of this app is very few. If you can convince your friends & relatives to use it, it will be easier.

Key Features of Line app for PC

Line is a kind of application which serves on multiple platforms. It can be used on smartphones, ios, PCs, tablets. This is a good communication app for people as it comes totally free! People can do free calling & texting through this app. 

One of the interesting parts of this app is you can get varieties of stickers, emoticons to use while texting with your friends & family members. So this Sticker Shop is one of the key features of Line. It keeps  the tone upbeat.

Line app has quite a good interface which is bright & colorful. It supports both audio and video calling along with VoIP conversations. It supports features like sharing multimedia, images, and many more!

You can add people through the use of QR code, by Line ID, by shaking the phone simultaneously. Users can chat in a group & can join group conversations of 500 people upto!

Line app has a hidden chat feature which is an extra security. One can see the real time of the message sent & received. The chat can be deleted permanently from the line server & from device after the user sets a time.

Line app has an unique feature called “Official Channel”. It is a platform where companies like news media, mass media & publications offer an official channel, which users can join & get news updates. So. Line News is a part of the entertainment of this app.

Line Games was introduced in 2011. Users can connect with their friends & family members, send & receive items & earn free points. It includes a variety of games like- puzzles, match-three, side-scroller, musical performance, battle and so on!

Line pay is of a great feature of Line app. It was introduced on December 16, 2014.Users can request & send money from their contact list and make mobile payments. It also allows users offline wire transactions, ATM transactions like- depositing & withdrawing money. Line pay is offered through Line app world widely.

Another interesting feature of this app is Line Taxi. Like Line pay, Line taxi is not a separate app rather it can be used through Line app. Users can request for taxi & pay for the rent from Line app connected through the app.

Like all other exciting features of Line , there are more services available on this app like- Line wow, Line today, Line shopping. Line wow is a delivery service offered through Line app. Line Shopping is a referral program of line app. Users can get extra discounts & earn points on Line app through purchasing the Line app.

These all features are applicable to Line apps for PC along with smartphones.

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How to Install Line app for PC

Step1: For using the Line app on PC you have to first register your email address on the smartphone version of Line. To register an email address , you have to tap Home/Friends tab settings. Then you have to go to Account & enter Email. After you put a valid email address then you will get a verification code or have to tap the URL link sent to the mail. Then you are down with the email registration!

Step 2: After registering the email you have to download the Line app for PC. After downloading it , you have to run it for installation.

Step 3: Once the installation is done try logging in using the email address & password that is used on the mobile version. After that you are good to go to use it on the PC!

How to Use it: Line app is very easy convenient for using. It is a great app. you can chat one to one encrypted & can also hide chat. You can do free calling via Line app. Texting is very handy & also fast here the other messaging apps.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Line App

Q. What to do if a Line crashes & doesn’t start?

Ans: Update the Line app, Restart your PC, Update your iOS, check your software security.

Q. What to do for login & performance issues?

Ans: If your Line app doesn’t respond to login then do these following steps:

  • First check which version of Line you can use on your PC
  • Uninstall Line for your PC & macOS.
  • Reinstall it on your PC
  • Temporarily disable any firewalls on your PC & Allow to connect Line to your internet.
  • Remove any customization software.

Q. Can Line be used on PC ?

Ans: Yes, it can be used on PC.

Alternatives of Line app for PC

There are some alternative applications for Line app for PC. These are namely- Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber etc. These are very popular besides Line app. Messenger & whatsapp can be used on PC as like Line.


Line app for PC is a very useful app for communication as well as multi purpose. But the majority of people don’t use this app that popularly. If the user could be increased then it would be great & gain number one position among all other communication apps. It is more than a messenger app. This is the very basic for communication in your life.

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