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If you are a Manga fan, love reading Manga, then you will love the Mangafox app for your android, a one-stop platform for all Manga lovers. The exciting part of the app is that the whole apk is entirely dedicated to Manga lovers. And You can read all the comics content for free for the Manga fox app.

It is easy to use, comes with various personalization settings, and comes with maximum network security. Here we will discuss about Mangafox app for Android and how you can install it on your device.

Mangafox App For Android


Basic Information of Mangafox App For Android

  • Developers: Manga Fox.
  • Available Platforms: Third-Party app for Android
  • App Size: 10.5 MB
  • Minimum Requirement: Android 4.1.

Our Score

★★★★★ (10/10)
As it is easy to set up
★★★★☆ (8/10)
Easy to use user interface
★★★★★ (10/10)
Comes with lots of features
★★★★☆ (9/10)
Very good

The Good: Free to use. It provides the only comic mood in the entire network. You can protect your privacy by using incognito mood and hiding the private sites you browse frequently. The app prevents advertisers from collecting your data. Moreover, you can watch offline videos utilizing this app.

The Bad: The app is not available in the Google play store. And some concerns about the security policy of the network.

Mangafox – Ultimate Features of the Comics Reader App

Huge Library:

The library will attract all Manga lovers. You will be able to read thousands of Manga titles from the app. Mangafox also has a dedicated website for this app, and the website contains a considerable amount of manga content. In addition, the app offers top-quality images. The developers constantly update the database with new manga content, and the collection will keep you surprised.

Customizable Interface:

The interface is straightforward to use. You can customize all the presets. You can also adjust the order by dragging. The app also supports search engine customization.

Comic Mood:

The app comes with a comic mood that you can not find in the entire manga apps community. You can read your favorite Manga stories from a Comic website or gallery website—the test of reading increases when you can see your favorite characters in front of you.

Just For You:

The app provides lots of new Manga content and continuously updates its database. You can discover new Manga content and authors regularly. Another exciting feature of this app is the editorial collection. You can find many hidden gems from that section. The editorial group, a recommendation will help you find the best content. We liked their recommendation as they bring a lot of new and fantastic content.


The viewer of Manga fox is another feature worth mentioning. You will never find any issue with the Mangafox app viewer and can manage your content effortlessly. Also, as a reader, you will get the best experience with this app. Another essential feature is the viewer customization option. You can customize your view as you like it.

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Offline Reading:

The app also comes with an offline reading feature. Many users can not use a strong internet all day. Again, when we are on a journey, we can not access a strong internet connection all the time. Mangafox app has a download feature. You can download your favorite content and read it offline when you don’t have the internet or are on a journey.

Mangafox App

How to install Mangafox App For Android, PC & Mac

Now, the most critical part. How can you install Manga pro APK on your android mobile? The process is simple, and you should not face any problem downloading and installing this excellent manga app on your android smartphone. Please follow the below instructions to install Mangofox on your device.

  • Step-1: Download Mangafox APK. An APK is an installation file that can set up any third-party app on an android device. You should download an APK file carefully. Do not download an APK file from an untrusted source that can harm your device or even hack your phone. We suggest Apkpure, ApkMirror, UptoDown these sites as safe sites for downloading an APK file. You can download Mangafox APK using this link.
  • Step-2: Before installing an APK file on your Android device, you have to make a change from your Android settings. Don’t worry; this is a simple step. Go to the settings and write “Unknown apps” in the search bar. You will find a search result with “Install the app from Unknown source.” This option will permit you to install an APK file on your Android phone.
  • Step-3: Find the Mangafox app and tap on it. It will start the installation process.
  • Step-4: Tap on the installation button and wait.
  • Step-5: The installation process will be completed, and you will find an icon of Mangafox on your phone. Tap on the icon to launch the phone.

Alternative To The Mangafox App

If you can’t install the Mangafox app on your mobile or simply just don’t like their service, you can use any of the following apps. They are an excellent alternative to the Mangafox app:

  1. Comix
  2. MangaDex
  3. HoneyView
  4. GonVisor
  5. Tachiyomi
  6. Mcomix

Frequently Asked Question Mangafox App For Android

Is Mangafox Legal?

No, the content the app Mengafox delivers is not Legal. Every content has piracy protection. Only those content that allow distribution are allowed. But most content you read in Mangafox has a copyright issue, so they are not legal.

What is the official website of Mangafox?

In 2018 Mangafox changed its domain name. Now the name of their domain is

How much is Mangafox?

Free. Mangafox does not ask for any money from you. However, you have to watch occasional advertisements while using the app. You have to register for a free membership before you can use the Mangafox app.

Final Words

We hope you have learned a lot from our review of the Mangafox app for Android. The app has tons of options and a vast collection of Manga content. You can customize the UI, personalize your suggestion and read cartoons online and offline. Arguably this is the best app for Manga content right now. You can use this app on your phone to read your favorite Manga content, or you can visit their official website from your PC to read and watch your favorite Manga content.

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