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Multisim is a program used for electronic circuit simulation by National Instrument Corporation. It is an app that you can use as your virtual lab. You can do SPICE simulations, PCB layouts, circuit designs in a user-friendly interface. There are no current versions of Multisim for Mac.

So, you will have to look for an alternative for it on your Mac computer. You can also use Multisim Live which is a web-based version of Multisim that can be used on Mac. In this article, we will review Multisim, discuss how to use Multisim for Mac, and discuss some alternatives of Multisim for Mac.


Basic App Information About Multisim for Mac

  • Category: Utility Application
  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac( Multisim live)

The good: It employs Berkley SPICE. It is one of the few simulation applications that do that. Has over 22 virtual instruments and 20 simulation analyzers. The live version of it does not require any installation at all. Data upgrade does not need any reinstallation or application update. You can look at other people’s circuits in their profile and share your own. Offers tutorials, so can be used as a learning tool. 

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The bad: The app version is not compatible with Mac. That is if you want to use Multisim on Mac you have to use the live version. It cannot be used for heavy powered circuits because of a lack of certain power components. You cannot edit a circuit while a simulation is running.

Features of the Multisim App

Virtual Simulation:

Multisim functions like a virtual lab. So, in case you do not have access to the equipment you can use it. IT will also reduce the cost of equipment. You can also test the design on PCB. It can also be used to create schematics which are an essential demand among circuit designers.

A good variety of tools:

You can develop a circuit by PCB. It can create libraries. Has over thousands of ON semiconductors. A lot of the connectors used in industries are available here. You can also edit in your own module if needed.

Both analog and digital simulation:

For electronics, we need both analog and digital simulation. Multisim is capable of both analog and digital Simulations.

Animated lectures:

One of the new tools in Multisim is that it provides animated lectures. So, you can use it as a digital learning tool and simultaneously simulate it. 

Share online:

It is also possible to share your work, ideas with others online. There is an option to make our circuits private or public. Public ones are sharable and others can view them on your profile. You can also connect to NI engineers.


How to Install Multisim for Mac

As mentioned, it is not possible to use Multisim on Mac. If you need to use it on Mac then you can use Multisim live. It is web-based and you do not need to install it. All the features are the same here. The processes we have to follow in order to access Multisim live are as follows:

Step-1: Go to your browser and type the URL for the Multisim website.

Step-2: You need an account to use Multisim. Here are the instructions for opening the account- From the login page there is an option called ‘Create Account’, there you have to put your Email and create a password > after confirming your email, your account has been created > now you can use your newly created profile.

Step-3: Now Multisim live is fully ready to be used on your Mac.

This is the method to use Multisim on Mac, if you want to use Multisim on Windows, then you have to conventionally download it from the website and install it. Since this article is on Multisim for Mac we are not covering that here.

How to use Multisim for Mac

  • After creating an account, now you can use Multisim to create a circuit.
  • The interface is very intuitive, you can drop and drag components.
  • Here is the order of commands to follow to access components- Go to All Programs, Select National Instruments then Circuit design. Now select Place and the Components to access them.
  • Create and run simulations, share them with others.
  • You can change the design and as well as get more instructions and create the circuits you wish. 
  • To save the circuit, rename it from the title bar, then select the private or public option.

Alternatives of Multisim

In this section we will discuss some of the alternatives of Multisim:

1. Quite Universal Circuit Simulator (QUCS):

QUCS Is a simulator that you can set up using your graphical user interface (GUI). It is available on Windows Mac and Linux. It has a convenient interface that helps you view a lot of the options quickly. It also supports Spice subcircuits.

2. Every Circuit:

Every Circuit is a free circuit simulator.  it is an Android-based App and it offers in-app purchases. It has a large number of components supported, offers animations of various functions, wire routing is automatic, circuit parameters can be analog controlled.

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Because of is a mobile app, it is easily carried about by a student and therefore very handy. Some of the supported components are- sources, registers, voltmeters, ammeters, DC motor, lamp, switch, diode, 555 timers, counter, etc.

3. Droid Tesla:

This is also a circuit simulator app that is free and then offers in-app purchases for further use. Newer versions of it are being developed and it is not as advanced as many of its peers.  but it is a good option for students because it covers the basics about right, it has a good number of components and it’s free. 

4. LTspice:

LTspice is a circuit simulator software. It is designed by Linear Technology. It supports Spice simulation and is free. It runs on both Windows and Mac.  In addition to simulation, like any good circuit simulator software, you can also get schematic views and waveform viewers. You need 10 GB empty space in a computer and at least 1 GB of RAM to run the software.


Frequently Asked Questions About Multisim for Mac

How much does Multisim cost?

Multisim is free of cost. You do not need any subscription to use Multisim.

What is Multisim live?

We have seen that Multisim is not available on Mac. So, for anyone who wants to use Multisim on Mac, Multisim live is a good option. It is completely web-based and therefore one does not need to download anything. All the features are also available as well. Process of how to access it has been described in the ‘how to install’ section.

What is the difference between Multisim and Multisim live?

They don’t have much difference in features. It is just that Multisim live is web-based and therefore does not require installation. It supports Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, and iOS. The latest version of Chrome on Google and mobile devices (Google Nexus 7 and 9) is fully supported on live.

What is a private circuit in Multisim?

In the public pages, the circuits that are not shown to other users are known as private circuits. That is, in your profile, you will have lots of circuits and among them, the private ones cannot be viewed by any other. You also cannot share any private circuit with others. You can also download circuits if you want and keep them in cloud storage. While saving a circuit you can save it as a private one.

So, with only a few shortcomings, Multisim is a very useful app. It is free, can do SPICE simulations and has a lot of additional features. As for Multisim for Mac, Multisim live used for Mac almost serves the same features as the actual software.

If you are a student just learning circuit simulations, it is a good choice due to its easy interface and learning aids. If you are a professional it is an equally great choice. We hope this review helps you to know about Multisim and decide whether it is useful to you or not.

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