Obfsproxy VPN – Hide The Online Traffic

Obfsproxy VPN

Obfsproxy VPN is a play on words like a portmanteau for Obfuscating Proxy. It is a Tor project acting as a proxy and unblocker, as well as a bypasser. This is used in conjunction with other VPNs like Viscosity and OpenVPN to obfuscate your network, hiding it as well as bypassing restricted networks that use DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) to regulate and block other network accesses. Obfsproxy is pretty popular in the Tor scene.

Though, this is mostly used around countries that practice censorship a lot. To help get through barriers set by their protocols of scanning both client and bridge. It’s free of access to anybody. While it provides free entry, it doesn’t always prove to be functional.

As it masks your IP and tracked data, certain patterns such as timing and volume of data have a chance of being recognized. Government officials are slowly becoming more adaptive to stifle the freedom that the intranet provides.

  • OS: Android/iOS/Windows/MacOS
  • Size: 91.2KB on Windows/MacOS
  • Languages: English
  • Developer: Obfsproxy
  • Price: Free/No charge
  • Requirements/Compatibility: 4.0 and up on Android, iOS 10 and iPadOS 10 on iOS, Windows 7, 8, and 10, MacOS X 10.9

The Good: This proxy app absolutely delivers. It can be fairly difficult to install at first, for use in tandem with a few selections of VPNs. But once it becomes manageable, it becomes easy to follow afterward. Its goal acting as a bypass works out with very few problems to decode.

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The Bad: Limited features, can only be used as a proxy to bypass network restrictions. Nothing else besides that. It will not work all the time, especially if you’re using your computer as server access.


Features of Obfsproxy VPN

  1. Obfuscating data: As the name of the software speaks for itself, it obfuscates data that travels from and to your ISP and around your IIG’s DPI set by your ISPs and country legislators.
  2. Efficient network: Compared to other proxies, Obfsproxy offers much better service as it is more efficient in running tasks thanks to better programming. Making proxies directive to be less disrupted isn’t easy.
  3. Alternating packets: One of the best ways to hide your network is by making sure the size and order of the packets aren’t recognizable by the DPI.
  4. Easily connect to a VPN: If you’ve managed to set up everything with the instructions provided, then it should connect to just about most VPNs for use. Some VPNs require powerful third-party proxy access in order to subvert the restrictions.
  5. Easy access to the network: Unblocking your network from certain restrictions allows you to have access to websites you couldn’t get to before. The proxy service now allows you to visit sites that were banned or deemed illegal to visit.

How to install Obfsproxy VPN

The stand-alone app is available for use on 5 platforms. The instructions required to get it working are pretty arduous. Sometimes need repeating for the next sessions. Here’s an installation guide for Android/iOS/macOS/PC/Linux:

On Android OS:

To use the proxy, you’ll need to follow a procedure. There’s an instruction from this video to follow. Once done, download OpenVPN from the Android store. Then activate the proxy along with OpenVPN. You should be able to use it afterward. Though, after closing the proxy, you need to do the setup all over again.

On iOS/iPad:

Similar to Android, follow the video to set up Obfsproxy. Afterward, download OpenVPN from the App Store. Use the proxy along with OpenVPN to create a different network routing. Once done, you can get started. Similar to Android, you’ll have to set it up all over again once done.

On Windows/Mac:

On PC, it can be used as a built-in extension for the Tor browser. For stand-alone, here’s a fully detailed instruction to install it on Windows 10. What you need to do is download the dispatcher, then install the VPN, running these two together you’ll be able to create an obfuscated network. Some of the steps do not need repeating after you restarted your OS. As they are saved in the configuration.

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On Mac, it is somewhat similar. Though it is much for easier to process through the installation. Here’s the installation guide that’ll go you through. For repeated sessions, you’ll need to set up the connection with the VPN. Once done, you can easily use your obfuscated network session. The experience here is much simpler than Windows.

For Ubuntu, the instructions need to follow thoroughly. There’s a lot to do involving command typing and inputs. Here is the full instruction page

Alternate of Obfsproxy VPN


Popular in China, Shadowsocks is a fast-travel proxy tunnel used to circumvent most of China’s censorship. It’ll work anywhere in the world. Made by a Chinese programmer named “clowwindy”.


ShadowRocket is much more complex. It is a proxy app that uses secure encryption methods to confuse most ISPs from tracking your network. It is said to be very effective to circumvent ISP blocking certain sites.

FAQ’s About Obfsproxy VPN

FAQ About Obfsproxy VPN

How much would it cost to download the app?

The app is completely free to use. All you have to do is download it and get it set up manually.

Are there any country restrictions?

None, it is open for anybody to use anywhere.

Will it run without any problems?

Yes, though not quite always. As mentioned before. Any ISPs and officials controlling the traffic can be creative about finding ways to block your session. Meaning you’ll have to restart it all over again.

Is it compatible with older versions of Android and iOS?

It depends. The latest one could rely on the version that came 2-3 years ago.

Are there any alternatives to installing it easier without inserting coding or command prompts?

No, most of the guides online are already made to be easily accessible as much as possible.

While Obfsproxy VPN doesn’t hold much relevance today. It is still widely across the world. Most of the code has been updated enough for modern usage. While it may be old, it held precedence for most proxies to come.

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