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Raindar App For PC

When you want to see all the weather updates in front of your eyes, just install the Raindar App For PC, and rest assured. Just imagine that you have to win an urgent task and you are hesitant to see the cloudy sky whether to carry your umbrella with you. But no more worries, you can get rid of this hesitation by using this super weather expert.

It is such an excellent app that helps people of any profession and age with information about the perfect weather according to their geographical location and it has been developed by senior software engineer Gerrit Van Doorn. This app is very useful for everyone from meteorologists to pilots, fishermen, divers, sailors, those interested in the weather.

Along with the android system, this app is also usable in Windows/iOS operating system, when you use this app, it is able to detect your location and provide weather information captured on radar across about 250 miles area around you in just 30 seconds.


Some information about Raindar App

  • App Size: 3.2mb
  • License: Free
  • Version: Depends on device
  • Platform: Android/Windows/iOS
  • Producer: Gerrit Van Doorn

Features of the Raindar App For PC

[appbox googleplay xyz.mechenbier.raindar]


The procedure of this app is very simple and accurate, it will ensure your location then display all the perfect weather information on your screen across a large radius of the 250 miles around you. These users are able to get all-weather information using Google Maps alone.

Effective for Holiday Celebrations

The Raindar app may be of great use to you at the moment you are thinking of a birthday party or a family trip. You can find out the forecast for natural disasters like a cyclone or tornado in the place you go before you leave.

Satellite Imaging

If you want to get the perfect satellite image of a place, it will match you a lot. It will also help in switching between apps and getting clean pictures. Because it’s usually much more perfect than the regular map.

Instructions by Color

The most interesting thing is that the app provides a variety of weather information, including cyclones, through different colors. It provides a premonition of storm movement through color.

It displays red, green, and yellow color snow for rain and if it displays blue or white color, it has to be understood that there is a possibility of snowfall in that area. It gives an idea of four storms through different icons of the app:

  1. When it’s displayed a yellow circle icon that indicates a thunderstorm.
  2. When it’s displayed a yellow squared icon that indicates a Hall Storm.
  3. When it’s displayed a magenta triangle that indicates a Tornado comes up( it’s basically a pretty heavy tornado vortex signature).
  4. When it displayed a yellow diamond icon that indicates a Rotating Thunderstorm (Mesocyclone).

Install and Download Raindar App For PC

There is no direct way to use this app on pc but some third-party apps such as android emulators can be helpful. There are many Android emulators like BlueStacks, Android Studio, Remix OS player, Nox Player, MEmu, Ko player, Genymotion, AmiDuOS, AndY, Droid4X, Prime OS, Phoenix OS, etc.

You can install anyone you like but here is also explained with an emulator to facilitate the explanation ( in my opinion BlueStacks is the most suitable Android emulator).

Download Raindar via BlueStacks

First, install the BlueStacks file using Google or any search engine then follow the following procedures:

  • Step-1: Firstly, install the BlueStacks emulator to your PC and launch it.
  • Step-2: Then click on the emulator’s my apps button.
  • Step-3: Now go to the search bar and search by writing the Raindar app.
  • Step-4: Then you can see the app on your screen and install it.
  • Step-5: As usual log in to your Google account and install the Raindar app from Google Play.
  • Step-6: The app will start installing depending on your Internet connection after your successful login.
  • Step-7: Clicking on the dashboard of the BlueStacks emulator will see many apps there. Clicking on the news icon app will open Raindar on your screen.

That’s all about the Raindar app installment, it can become your unique partner to get all kinds of weather information.

Raindar App For PC

Since this app has been updated only once, recently Raindar app users complained that the app kicks them out of the timezones and they can’t get in until they reinstall and delete the app. That’s why some alternative apps are mentioned here:

BOM Weather

It is undoubtedly a great one-on-one app to get weather information, this app with the latest features is operated by the iOS system. This app is able to automatically fix bugs and has radar coverage toggle.

MyRadar Weather Radar

An amazing app to predict natural disasters like powerful cyclones and hurricanes. It is also operated by the iOS operating system and has a size of about 250.2MB.

NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts

This app helps with information like daily temperature, amount of daylight, the humidity of the air, wind movements, chances of rain, etc. It is operated by the Android system.


This app provides the right weather forecast in line with 3D animation and global times.

The Weather Channel

The app is provided by tech giant company IBM and is operated by an Android system. This app provides users with monthly, weekly, daily weather forecasts and weather information. It has a rating of 4.5.

There is no comparison of the Raindar app for pc when it comes to getting weather information. Because it introduced a lot more accuracy than other apps. It gives you information about rain or weather in just 30 seconds at a great speed.

But one worry is that it has been updated once since it was released to the market. But it is still an unrivaled app to get information about the weather without any doubt.

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