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In recent times VPN is becoming more and more popular. From watching movies to playing games, VPN plays a vital role everywhere. Moreover, VPN offers extra security to your online activities. Siga VPN is a versatile VPN application that will provide you the anonymity you need online, and you will be able to unblock any website with a click. It is a free VPN, and you can add additional features at a meager cost compared to other VPN services.

Siga VPN


Basic Information Siga VPN

  • Developers: Siga VPN
  • Available Platforms: Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Router
  • App Size: 5.1 MB (Android)
  • Requirements: Android 5.0

Our Score

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (10/10)
As it is easy to set up
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (9/10)
Very user-friendly UI
⭐⭐⭐⭐ (7/10)
Great features
⭐⭐⭐⭐ (7/10)
Good performance

The Good: Mostly free Siga VPN does keep any logs and provides complete anonymity. THE great P2P feature offers fast torrenting. Compatible with BitTorrent. You don’t have to register to access their service. You can set it up with your router and use as many devices as you wish simultaneously.

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The Bad: The service has fewer servers than many other available paid services. It doesn’t accept bitcoin or cash, and there is no kill switch to turn off the VPN for any instant complicated situation.

Important Features of Siga VPN

Open VPN Technology:

Siga VPN relies on Open VPN technology. It does not come with a standalone software client. Instead of a standalone client, SigaVPN produces a unique OVN configuration file every time you hit download on their website.

You have to add this configuration file to your OpenVPN client.  You have to set up an OpenVPN client and set up a TAP adapter to run SigaVPN on your device. You have to do it once, and the process is easy.

No Log Records:

How can you trust a VPN company when you provide your personal information to them? Well, with SigaVPN, you don’t have to worry about that. You can use the VPN service without giving any username and password. The VPN does not keep any log records so that you can feel complete anonymity even from the company itself.

Torrent Friendly:

From movie lovers to fanatic gamers everybody loves torrents. But finding a free VPN that has excellent P2P features is not that easy. SigaVPN is exceptional here. It will provide you with outstanding torrent-friendly features. It is also compatible with BitTorrent clients. Just install the VPN on your device and download your favorite movie, tools, or games in real quick time.


When it comes to speed, Siga VPN produces enough of it. Siga VPN does not provide lots of servers like other paid VPN services. But with the fewer servers, they provide top speeds.

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Siga VPN can not unlock Netflix or HBO, so if you are planning on watching your favorite TV shows, Siga might not be the best option for you. But if you want to download any shows or movies and watch them later, you can do that very fast.

Router Installation:

This is a feature you will definitely love. Siga VPN comes with a router installation feature. If you can not install Signa VPN on your device, you can still use it by installing it on your router. After installing Signa VPN on your router, you can use it on all of your devices.

Another crucial advantage of installing Siga VPN on your router is the flexibility. Using a VPN on your device can be tiresome sometimes. You have to attach your device to the VPN network every time you want to run the VPN.

But if you have Siga VPN on your router, you don’t have to connect to the VPN service every time. Just connect your device to the router, and you will be automatically connected to the VPN service.

You can use the VPN to operate many applications including image and video apps at a great speed. There are many apps what you can’t visit or browse directly for country restriction like the comics app called magna fox comics.

How to install Siga VPN

Siga VPN is available on Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. The installation process is relatively easy.

On Android:

Unfortunately, Siga VPN is not available on the play store. But you can install it using an APK file. APK files are android installation files to install third-party applications to your Android device. Here are the steps of how you can install Siga VPN on your device.

  • Download Siga VPN from a trusted APK file provider’s website. You can download using this link.
  • Before installing, you have to tweak the security settings.
  • Go to security and check to install the app from unknown sources.
  • After checking the install app from unknown sources, you will be able to install the app on your smartphone.
  • Open the downloaded APK file and install
  • Pick a server to connect to Siga VPN
  • Run and enjoy!

On Windows

  • Download the installation file from the official site of siga.
  • Save the file as a VPN.OVPN (You can change the name but don’t change the extension)
  • Go to OpenVPN dot net
  • Go to downloads and download the windows client
  • Install the windows client of Open VPN.
  • Copy the OVPN file from the download folder
  • Paste it to the config file.
  • You are set to use Siga VPN.

Alternative Software to Siga VPN

If you can not install Siga VPN on your device or simply don’t like the service of Siga VPN, there are alternative choices for you. Here are some alternatives to SIga VPN.

  • Express VPN – Though expensive, it is one of the fastest VPN in the industry. Express VPN is highly secured and has more than 160 servers around the world.
  • NordVPN – Most probably the best-rated VPN for mobile phones. It is very much secured and has many servers. You can use this VPN on almost any device.
  • Zenmate – This is another excellent commercial VPN service, and you can use it on Windows, Mac, and smart devices.
FAQ About Siga VPN

Frequently Asked Questions About Siga VPN

Q. Is Siga VPN free?

Siga VPN is primarily a free VPN service. You can use their service without paying and use them for torrenting and streaming services. Moreover, they also provide a premium version of their software, and you can add more features to Siga VPN by buying their premium service. The price is meager compared to other commercial VPN services.

Q. Can Siga VPN unlock Netflix?

Netflix uses robust security procedures with a complex algorithms. It is not easy to break into their system with a VPN service. Siga VPN can not unlock Netflix. Not only Netflix, but SIga VPN also can not unlock HBO. So, if you want to use a VPN to watch streaming services, we don’t recommend Siga VPN.

Q. Is VPN Legal?

VPN is legal, but in many countries, but some countries have their own law for censorship and copyright content. So, you can face legal issues with VPN in some countries. So, before using a VPN service, you should contact local authorities to know whether VPN is legal or not. 

Though using a VPN has become a necessity, many people just don’t afford it. VPNs are pricey software. So, many people prefer free VPN. Siga is a free VPN service and comes with great features. We hope the article helped you on how you can use this VPN on your device. See you in another article.

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