How to Download T9 Keyboard For Android Phone?

T9 Keyboard is an old-style keyboard that used to be utilized in mobile phones before android mobile phones came into the market. It is an old way to type on mobile. T9 Keyboard for androids can still be used by those who are experts in ordering the old way.

T9 Keyboard is a predictive text technology for mobile phones. Tegic Communications developed it.T9 means Text on nine keys. When smartphones came into the era, T9 was no longer in use.

Android users can still use this Keyboard on their phone as now new category keyboards are used frequently. New androids are designed with a touchpad keyboard. But the T9 Keyboard for android is also easy and fast.

T9 keyboard for android


Basic App Information

  • Offer Price: Free
  • Operating system: Android
  • Application Category: Productivity

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The Good: It can detect errors automatically, which is a good thing. It also does auto-correction of words according to text context.

The Bad: Since the new smartphone and android version came in touch; the T9 Keyboard is now out of use. But it is perfect for our seniors, like old ones who want an easy typing system on their phones.

Key Features of T9 Keyboard Apps

The primary purpose of using this Keyboard is to make texting more accessible and faster. It features intelligent punctuations. It enables you to put words in sentences and punctuations accordingly. It can insert punctuations according to the context. It can also insert word breaking depending on the sentence language.

One of the prominent features is here; you can store words according to the implementations of the sentence and language. You will also get UDB as an optional feature. There is an updated version of the T9 Keyboard. In this version, you will be able to present adapted words according to usage patterns.

When you put a similar keypress, the system automatically does the word completion. So the word completion is supported here. In this updated version, users can select primary and secondary languages. So the matches from both languages can be accessed.

T9 can automatically detect errors and typing mistakes. So this is a perfect point of using this Keyboard. It can look at similar keys and catch the wrong key press. Though this version is now out of use, it is helpful in many ways.

How to Install T9 Keyboard For Android

As T9 is a predictive text keyboard, it enables you to use words accordingly. It stands for Text on nine keys which requires a search technique using a number pad. To install this Keyboard, first, download it from the website.

You can also download the T9 app launcher from Google Play Store.  You press the T9 launcher to predict the search word and bring out the exact contact on every number. If you want to download the T9 launcher for having a T9 Keyboard, you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: First, go to the play store of your android phone. There on the search bar, search “T9 launcher”  or ” T9 keyboard “.

Step 2: Download the T9 keyboard application on your android phone. Enjoy it, Finally!

How to Use This App

If you want to use a T9 keyboard on your android phone, you have to make some changes to your phone. In the settings, you will see an option like – under personal, also a language input and output option; there, you can activate the Keyboard.

T9 is a predictive text, and it enables you to use a single character. Each key is pressed once for each letter. You have to enter the whole word before deleting any character. You have to press 2 to 9 to enter a term. To have the alternative phrase, you have to press 0. This is how this Keyboard functions.

Caution: If you are using a Samsung phone, you don’t need any manual change in the settings to have this Keyboard in use. On other phones, you have to change the settings.

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Alternatives of T9 Keyboard for Android App

There are some alternatives to this T9 Keyboard for Android app. Some are as follows:

1. Gboard

It is a very excellent keyboard. It is made by Google for Android and iOS. It is totally free. It also has an auto-correction system. It has integrated search. You will find here clipboard monitoring. Emojis, GIFs are also available here on this Keyboard. Most users use this Keyboard nowadays.

2. Grammarly Keyboard

It is also a great keyboard. It has an automated grammar checker. It can recommend suitable grammar, phrases, or language familiar words to enhance your writing. You can get help with the citation on this Keyboard. Whenever you write, a Grammarly keyboard will make sure your report is accurate according to grammar and everything.

3. Cheetah Keyboard

It is a very easy keyboard. It is also known as the Panda keyboard. It is a very attractive, simple, and comfortable for typing, user-friendly Keyboard. It is a 3D theme-based Keyboard. This is the first Keyboard among all others to process fast and intelligent replies. The creator of this Keyboard is a Chinese Company. It also saves your time.

4. Ejoty Keyboard

This Keyboard is for people who are tired of hit and miss games played with other keyboards.  Characters can be hidden inside one another. It also has an auto-correction feature. This makes typing really easy!

FAQ About Glwiz App

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Is the T9 Keyboard safe for androids?

Ans: yes, it is entirely safe for androids to use.

Q. Does the T9 keyboard support multi-languages?

Ans: yes, it supports multi-languages on androids.

Q. Is T9 Keyboard still in use?

Ans: though there are many new updated touch keyboards available for smartphones, T9 still be used on androids. However, it has become out of use now.

Now with the help of this Keyboard, chatting can be done so quickly. Our seniors like – grandfather, grandmother, or old aged people are more used to this type of keyboards. T9 is an excellent keyboard with accessible functions. Download fast and easy-to-use T9 keyboard for android and enjoy the old way of typing.

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