ZEDGE For PC (Windows, Mac) – #1 Phone Personalization App

Zedge for pc or mac? Yes, You can now easily browse versatile ringtons, wallpaper easily just within couple of clicks! Recently they are introducing with it for the large use base where you can create your personal accoount and upload ringtones and wallpapers.

Zedge is one of the most commonly used apps for people who wants to turn their dream of customizing their device into reality. This app enables consumers to install high quality ringtones, home screen app icons as well as wallpapers for free. Currently there have more than 30 million active monthly users of Zedge who use this app for customizing their device.

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Zedge For Windows & MAC- Free & Premium Content

Zedge is a content discovery platform which can be operated in multiple systems like android, iOS and windows. It was developed by amateur and professional developers in Norway in the year 2003 for selling their contents to global market platform. Until mid-2016, Zedge was sponsored by IDT Corporation, which was the parent company. Afterwards, it became one of the most renowned public app and secured its place in the list of Top 60 free apps in Google Play Store.

Editor’s Rating

Setup★★★★★ (10/10)
Interference★★★★☆ (8/10)
Features★★★★☆ (8.5/10)
Performance★★★★★ (9.5/10)
Overall rating★★★★☆ (4.5/5)


The app is free so most of the contents can be accessed without the need of paying money whereas most of the apps that allow you to customize your device requires a certain money to be paid initially.


Search query is not always able to detect the exact search you want to make so it may take some time to find your desired wallpaper or ringtones.

Features of Zedge Apk –


The size of Zedge app is only 33 Megabytes which is relatively small enough to be downloaded windows, mac or android. The app can be stored in the device without glitches.

Ease of Use

Zedge can be easily used in pc to upgrade the conventional features since the app has been rewritten recently. Moreover, glitches are rare and the app runs smoothly in all sorts of device.

Ad Free Subscription

In order to get rid of the ads, Zedge has opened up an option to enable ad free use of the app. Subscription is available unlock new, premium wallpapers, home screen app icons, ringtones or widgets. Consequently, this has caused a significant rise in the number of Zedge users since the last two years.

New Extensions

This app supports full HD wallpapers as well as 4K wallpapers in the device. It also has an option to auto select a new background that will rotate at regular intervals, enhancing your experience of using the application. Not only that, multiple wallpapers can be selected and applied at the same time.

Addition of Live Wallpapers and Ringtones

The live wallpapers in the app do not drain power in the device. Rather it will only show up when the screen is opened. Live wallpapers of all sorts of taste allows the users to customize their device in the most unique was possible. To add, huge collection o wallpapers and ringtones are found in this application which gives an opportunity to set individual ringtones for individual contacts. Customized exciting notification and alarm sounds are also available and more to the queue is added by the inclusion of features for special days, launched by verified creators.

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How to install Zedge On PC

Installing Zedge is a very simple process that requires you to use sites like ensoftonic or the filehorse that will allow you to download the apk at first. After downloading the apk, open bluestacks and select the apk.

Then click install and wait for the apk to get installed. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete all the steps. Later, click run and then Zedge will be ready to use. So With some simple steps your dream of customizing you pc with brand new features will become true.

How to Use It

Zedge can be used by installing the app and creating an account for free. At the left corner of the screen, there are options to download wallpapers, ringtones etc. The saved contents can also be saved using the save option. Once the desired content is saved, you can view it anytime. One can also create their own wallpapers and ringtones and upload it in the app provided that the user has created an account.


Before using the app, go through the user’s guide and read the terms and condition. Make sure you want the app to access your storage and device’s setting before personalizing you pc. If you feel there is anything about the app you are unsure about, go through the developer’s description. Viruses will not be incorporated in the device since the app was verified as virus- free before officially launching it.

Popular Alternatives of Zedge

There are some alternatives of Zedge in order to experience the effect personalizing your device according to your choice, and without having to spend too much money at one go. These are –

  • Audico
  • Ringtones XL
  • Backdrops

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Zedge

Q. Will this app drain my device’s charge and affect its durability?

Answer- The answer is NO. Zedge is highly popular for its ability to allow the device to function properly, without any internal disorders

Q. How to get rid of the ads while downloading any content? Each time the download is delayed by approximately 30 seconds for the ads.

Answer- In order to skip the ads, ad free subscription can be enabled so ads would no longer hamper your experience of using the app.

Q. Are the ringtones temporary? If so then how to renew them?

Answer- The ringtones can be renewed with free subscription and it needs to be redone once it expires.

To conclude, Zedge is one of the most highly recommended app for people of all ages since it will make your experience of using pc and other devices much more exciting. It was enlisted in one of the Top 50 regularly used apps of 2013. With time, the popularity of the app grew significantly, surprising the users with frequent updates and new features. In addition, the new variations in the app contributes to its rank in Google Play Store’s top charts every month. Therefore, it is recommended to use Zedge for pc and other devices.

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